Avoid Face To Face Meet-and-Greets Dogs

If you have taken one of our group classes or even private lessons with us, one of the things you hear us warn clients about is to avoid allowing dogs to meet face to face on leash. Most people look at us like we are crazy and their response is

Group Dog Obedience Training

Want your dog to be good in public…it starts at home!

Want your dog to be good in public…it starts at home! So many dog owners these days want their dog to go places and do things with them.  Go to any brewery, just about any day of the week, and you will see people and their dogs hanging out.  Sometimes

Dog Training Center - Woof in the Woods

Dogs Reactivity on Walks

The burden of a dog owner…walking your leash reactive dog We have all seen it, and many have experienced it…that dog that starts to bark, growl, lunge and generally lose his mind when he sees another dog approach on the walk. First you have to understand that this is your

Permissive Dog Owners

Perils of overly permissive dog owners

One of, if not THE biggest issue in problematic dog behaviors, is caused by overly permissive dog owners. This happens for a variety of reasons, most not knowing or understanding the adverse effects of too much unearned affection and spoiling, without balancing that attention with exercise and a job to