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Are you looking to board your dog? Our Board and Train Programs are a collection of services that shift the primary training of one of our trainers to relieve some of the training burden from the owner. Dogs in the program receive multiple daily training sessions and boarding activities with our trainers.

All of the programs have a component of human training included to transfer the work and training we do with the dog to you, the owner, to set you up for success once your dog returns home. It is critical for success that the owner understand and implement the husbandry, handling, commands and environmental changes to help their dog succeed and flourish with their training.  



With our Board and Train Program your dog stays with us for a duration of time to receive multiple daily training sessions. These sessions cover the basic commands, manners and boarding. Owners will receive multiple one-on-one training sessions to teach you the skills to implement in your home. We offer the following programs:

2 week Basic Obedience and Manners (Learn the basic, foundational skills and be a well mannered member of your family.)

3+ week Behavior Modification (for dogs needing a little more help beyond basic obedience. This is helpful when they are exhibiting behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety, reactivity, and aggressive tendencies.


There are 2 Day Training program choices. First, if you just need a little help with a training concept you and your dog are stuck on, drop your pup off for the day with us and our trainers will work through the challenge you are experiencing. The other Day Training program is comparable to a Board & Train, without the overnight stay. 

This program is customizable for you to drop your dog off 2-3 days a week over 2-4 weeks for our trainers to do the hard work of the initial training with your dog. Both programs include our trainers reviewing the training plan with you and coaching you for an easy transition for your continued in-home training plan.


Our boarding day program allows dogs to play with structure to encourage appropriate play and behaviors. In short, these sessions balance play time with confidence building and obedience exercises. This encourages the dog to co-exist around dogs and people without becoming overstimulated, which can be the precursor to naughty behaviors.

Just need a little touch up while you are away? We offer an add-on daily training option for clients dogs who are boarding with us for less than a week.


“My dog, George, boarded for basic obedience and manners and I cannot explain how much of a difference it made. His confidence is on a different level now. I am so happy to have found Woof in the Woods!”
– Jennifer H.