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The Misunderstood Pit Bull

The Misunderstood Pit Bull Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen Pittie supports get excited over the buzz that the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) banning pits from Denver was going to dissolve, only to then again be saddened by the lack of education when Denver’s Mayor stated that

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Off-leash dogs, holy grail or deadly liability?

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a dog and their human work or play in tandem where the dog is almost an extension of their owner. Two souls sharing love and commonality. It is like they are reading each other’s minds and anticipating their every thought. They move together,

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Is it ever too late to start training a dog?

You can teach an old dog new tricks despite the old saying that says otherwise. Although there may be some things that are best taught when a dog is young, your canine pal can still learn a lot at any stage in their life.  At its core training at its

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Top 10 Winter Activities for Dogs

If you have a dog, you already know that they need plenty of mental and physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. A lack of appropriate mental and physical exercise, will not only make you crazy but will have an adverse impact on your dog’s health.  This can be a

Take the Stress of your Dog during the holidays

How to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Dog

The holidays are not coming up; they have arrived! With the arrival of the holidays, our lives and schedules become jam-packed with activities that disrupt our daily lives, but don’t forget the same things are happening to your canine pal too! Your loyal dog is tuned into your emotions and

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The Impact of Nutrition on Your Dog’s Behavior

What we provide our dogs and puppies to eat has a direct impact on their health. However, did you know that it can affect their behavior as well? In today’s blog, Specialized K9 Services wants to explain how your pet’s diet can help or hinder their activity. Unbalanced Diet for

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What is off-leash training?

There is a delight in watching a dog run around happy and free! Dogs love to run and stretch their muscles to full capacity, and it is as equally as exhilarating when you call your dog back, and they obey. However, a dog does not naturally understand commands and must

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How old should a puppy be for training?

Have you recently welcomed a new puppy to your home? If so, congratulations! Today on the Woof in the Woods/ Specialized K-9 Services blog, we want to help you and your puppy have a great start on your new journey together. That is why we want to answer one of

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How do I make my dog obedient?

Pets, especially dogs, become members of our families, hence why the terms “dog mom” or “dog dad” have become socially acceptable.  There is no doubt that the paws of our furry companions leave their lasting marks on our hearts. Nevertheless, they still need to gain an understanding of how to

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Is your dog getting sufficient water?

Is your dog getting sufficient water? We all know how essential water is for our own human bodies and how miserable we feel if we get dehydrated, but have you ever thought about dehydration in your dog? Summer time temperatures are here and we are out more and more with